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Bitteroot Mountains

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September 2012

Spanish Creek area

Spanish Creek area

On Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch

Bison on Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch

Bison on Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch

White tail deer on Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch

Ennis main street

Pronghorn antelope

Horses in the Elliots' neighboring pasture

A day at the Elliott range

Emily with her "new to her" Colt Woodsman .22

Dave with Rick's Glock 19 9mm

Rick with Dave's Kimber Stainless Gold Match II .45

Kimber results

Rick's results with Dave's Browing High Power 9mm

Rick with his Glock 19 9mm




















May 2010

May 24, 2010 - snow near Butte

Okay, we don't get it

Carol and Dave Elliott in their log home at Gallatin Gateway

The guest room at Elliott Lodge

The firing range at the Elliotts

Emily on the range

Emily with a .380 "belly gun" - note ejected round

Dave firing Rick's Glock 26 9mm, or as we call it, "combat tupperware"

Not a bad place to shoot....

Carol with her antique Colt Woodsman

Sunrise over the Elliott spread

Sunrise over the Bridger Mountains - from the Elliotts

Ted Turner's Flying D Ranch - across from the Elliotts

One of the homesteads on the Flying D

Mountain goats

Bison on the Flying D

Male bison on the Flying D... us the eye

Mama bear

...and junior

Mule deer watching the bears


Where the antelope play...


Sandhill crane


Killdeer trying to lure me away from the nest with the "I'm injured and an easy target" display

American kestrel

Kestrel "kiting" over prey

Loggerhead shrike

Western kingbird

Red tail hawk on the Flying D

Taking flight

Eastern kingbird

Common merganser on the Flying D

Magpie in flight

Western bluebird

Pheasant not happy with our presence

Caspian tern

Cinnamon teal

Tree swallows


Okay if you live near fishing and get it

You can't make this stuff up...













June 2007

The Elliott spread

Horse and newborn mule

Dave as a blacksmith interpreter at the Museum of the Rockies

Dave on the range

Carol on the range


Emily on the range


Rick on the range

Local visitor










March 2005


Home on the range

There was snow, but not enough to ski

Iron sights - "agency" stance

Sleigh ride dinner

Carol Elliott and Emily

Missouri River

On the road home